When hunger strikes,will you be ready?

Our delicious,home-style,healthy,beef jerky works quickly to satisfy your hunger.  Cedar Creek Beef Jerky is rich in proteins and other good things for your body.

Cedar Creek Beef Jerky is an American owned and operated small business.  We are in located in El Dorado Springs,Missouri,in the heartland of America.  Our employees are dedicated to providing you with the best beef jerky you can put in your mouth.  Cedar Creek Beef Jerky meat snacks are preservative free.

They are perfect for diabetics and health-conscious individuals looking for a flavorful snack!

Reasons to Buy Our Beef Jerky

  • Whole Muscle Beef Jerky,Infused with flavor and taste!
  • All Orders Are Hand-Packaged One Piece at a Time
  • We Use Homemade Ovens for Smoking
  • Takes Twice As Long As Commercial Ovens for the Finest-Grade Jerky

Call us today at (800) 359-9130 to place your first order for our delicious beef jerky.

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